Want to become a BPCSV member?

BPCSV welcomes new members to its growing community. There are several benefits for a member of BPCSV, which includes all, but not limited to the followings:

  • Easily integrating with and becoming a lively member of the tightly-knitted BPCSV family.
  • Quickly making new friends for yourself and your children with the growing Bengali Hindu diaspora in Victoria.
  • Allowing you to nurture and participate in various Bengali literary, language, musical, singing, dancing and theatrical activities;
  • Allowing you to practice, keep alive and pass on our peaceful religious and rich cultural values, knowledge and traditions to your future generations;
  • Members pay only one annual subscription to help organise and enjoy all BPCVS events round the year
  • Members pay less in compare to non-members for meals in BPCSV events.
  • Only members have voting right in Annual General Meeting and all other decision making processes of BPCSV. With membership you can influence and shape BPCSV organisation and its activities for the benefits of our community.

Who is eligible to be a member?

Any person who supports the purposes of the Association is eligible for membership.

The Association recognises all members as integral part of their individual families, however each person in a member family should join as an individual member, express their own interests and aspirations, vote and influence the resolutions adopted, and take an active role in delivering the objectives of the organisation.


Membership Categories

Two membership categories are available for aspiring members, these are:


Suitable and applicable for permanently settled families in Victoria with two or more family members.

Eligibility Criteria:

(1) To apply to become a member of the Association, a person must submit a prescribed form of the Association to an Executive Committee member stating that the person —

  • wishes to become a member of the Association; and
  • supports the purposes of the Association; and
  • agrees to comply with these Rules.

(2) The application —

  • must be signed by the applicant

Associate Member

Suitable and applicable for overseas student or student with family or not-yet-settled family or settled individuals in Victoria.

Eligibility Criteria:

Associate members of the Association includes —

  • any members under the age of 18 years; and
  • any other category of member as determined by special resolution at a general meeting

Membership Application

Any eligible person, who agrees with the Objectives and Purpose of BPCSV, agrees to abide by its rules and satisfies the membership criteria may apply for a membership.
You can lodge your application either

  • Download an application form here and send back to us via email or by hand during any BPCSV event.
  • Membership form will also be available during Durga puja event for new members who are willing to join/re-join our community group. For more information, please visit our Information Desk at any BPCSV event.

Award of Membership

  • Each membership application must have one reference by an existing Member of BPCSV.
  • New membership will only be awarded upon the approval of BPCSV Executive Council and payment of necessary subscription fees.
  • Current (2023-24) subscription fees are:
    Fees AUD ($) Account details
    Membership fees for family 101 BSB: 063 620
    A/C NO: 1030 8496
    Membership fees for single and associate members 51 *A/C NAME: BENGALI PUJA AND CULTURAL SOCIETY OF VICTORIA
    Annual subscriptions for family 200 BSB: 063 182
    Account Number: 11722900
    Subscriptions fees for single 100 #Account Name: BANGLA ART CENTRE
    Subscriptions fees for associate members 50
    *Please mention your full name, which will serve as a reference for your payment. Please note that this amount is NOT tax-deductible
    #Please mention your full name, which will serve as a reference for your payment.
    Please note that this amount is tax-deductible, and you can claim it as a tax deduction in your next year’s tax return. (Please keep your receipt as evidence of your payment).
  • The Executive Council reserves the exclusive right to accept or reject any application based on the criteria set forth in BPCSV Constitution.
  • In the event of rejection of an application, a notice of rejection will be sent to the applicant as soon as possible after holding of earliest EC meeting.

Please contact us for more details about application and award of membership.