About Us

Bengali Puja and Cultural Society of Victoria (BPCSV) is one of the oldest and most vibrant organisations of Hindu Bengali (Bangali) communities living in Australia. Our vision is to provide a growing platform where community members can practice, keep alive and pass on the values, language, knowledge and traditions of both our rich culture and our peaceful religion. Since its foundation in 2004, the BPCSV has been working tirelessly to root the Bangali community in Victoria through organising and celebrating various religious and socio-cultural festivals and activities.

We elaborately celebrate Durgotsav, Saraswati Puja, Lakshmi Puja and Bengali New Year as well as publish magazines where our members and children can share their literary and artistic talents.

We open heartedly invite all Bengali Hindu diaspora of Victoria to join us in showcasing and celebrating our unique identity in multicultural Australia.

The website serves as an official notice board, news and communication platform of BPCSV. Our existing members can update their contact details and aspiring members can lodge their applications via the new membership management system of the website.

Our Dream!

BPCSV has been nurturing a collective dream of creating a beautiful cultural complex and a divine Hindu icon of Melbourne, where community members can practice, keep alive and pass on our peaceful religious and rich cultural values, knowledge and traditions to future generations. It is expected to be an instrument to strongly root Bangali Hindus in Melbourne and Victoria. The cultural complex will facilitate religious and socio-cultural festivals and activities, which will act as a catalyst to bring together our communities and flourish.

BPCSV Centre Project!

With the aforementioned vision in mind, BPCSV has established a specially-powered Standing Committee tasked with studying, developing and implementing a “BPCSV Centre Project” over next 3 years. The “BPCSV Centre Project Standing Committee” has been working since its inception in June 2017 and is expected to produce a Project Concept Proposal by the end of 2017. The proposal will be presented to members for their consideration and approval.

Every member is required to participate and contribute in materialising the dream!

Watch this space for future update, news, notices about the BPCSV Centre Project!