BPCSV celebrates Bengali New Year, also called Novo Borsho or Pohela Boishakh (the 1st day of the Bengali calendar) with a colourful cultural program and a special dinner with authentic Bengali cuisine.

King Shoshangko of ancient Bengal is credited with starting the Bengali era. The starting point of the Bengali era is estimated to be in 594 in the Gregorian calendar. Hence the Bengali year is 594 less than the Gregorian calendar if it is before Pohela Boishakh or 593 less if it is after Pohela Boishakh.

Hence, in the Year 2017

  • Bengali Era before 15 April would be 1423 = 2017 – 594
  • Bengali Era after 15 April would be 1424 = 2017 – 593

Bengali New Year, or Pohela Boishakh, is widely celebrated in West Bengal, Bangladesh and among Bengali communities in Assam and Tripura. In Assam, Pohela Boishakh is celebrated as Bihu and also known as Assamese New Year.

BPCSV’s Bengali New Year Celebration Schedule

2019 (Bangla 1426)

Saturday, April 13, 2019

BACV and BPCSV will be jointly celebrating this year's চৈত্র সংক্রান্তি: “পিঠা পার্বণ” and বৈশাখী মেলা - two grand festivities together on Saturday, 13th of April 2019 with a day-long event at the Chandler Community Centre at Keysborough (details below). This is to formally invite you, your family and all your friends to attend, enjoy and celebrate this year’s Bengali New Year festivities.

This day-long event will begin at the Gymnasium at 11:00 am and conclude with a grand cultural show at the Auditorium during the evening. This is a 'must not miss’ event for both the young and old in the community. There will be:

* Many choices of Saris, Dresses, Punjabi/Payjamas, Photography and many other community and business stalls that you can visit and shop

* A wide selection of food stalls offering our traditional পিঠা, পায়েস, চটপটি, ফুচকা, লাবড়া, লুচি, ইলিস ভাত and many more delicious dishes that you can relish and indulge in

* Jumping Castles and other Kid programs and events on the adjacent field

Furthermore, there will be non-stop cultural performances throughout the day by a variety of community organisations showcasing our music, dance, drama, poetry recitations, etc.

And during the evening, we will have a grand loko-geeti performance by two very well renowned artists from Bangladesh - Mr Kiran Chandra Roy and Ms Chandana Majumder supported by two accomplished and well-known Bangladeshi musicians, Vinod on Keyboard and Tulsi on Tabla.

Program Details:

Date: April 13th, 2019
Time: 11 am - 9 pm
Venue: Gymnasium & Auditorium,
Chandler Secondary College, 24 Issac Road, Keysborough

Boishakh Mela Entry: Free
Evening Performance Entry: By tickets - $30, $50 & $100
(limited tickets, please book early)


We have limited seating available for the evening event. We are therefore requesting you to secure your ticket(s) at the earliest possible by contacting:
Kanta: 0421 131 488
Meena: 0422 344 221
Baby:0402 352 261
Jahar:0401 626 587
Tuhin:0433 321 727
Urmila: 0433 283 531 and
Joy: 0433 454 681

We look forward to seeing each of you along with your family and friends at this event.

Kind regards,

BACV & BPCSV Executive Committees

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